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Washington Square - San Fran

Washington Square Washington Square Photo by Class V via Flickr

Washington Square is a wonderful area located in the North Beach District of California particularly in San Francisco. If you are looking for the best destination to relax and feel the fresh air, this place is perfect for you. This is a popular destination not only for those people in the local area, but also for tourists. This place is the perfect setting for picnics, romantic date and wide playground for kids. This is surrounded by different food establishments with a beautiful view of the Catholic Church, the Sts Peter and Paul Church. The church was designed with a magnificent marble on the altar. This was created by Arch. Charles Fontani. The amazing painting above the marble altar was created by two Italian artists namely Guiditta Serbaroli and Ettore. This church is totally beautiful from the outside to the inside.

There are lots of people visiting this relaxing place not only during daytime, but also at night time. It is really nice to sit on the grass while having a cup of coffee. In the middle of the Washington Square - San Francisco, the statue of Benjamin Franklin lies on the wide grass land that gives people a hint about the history of the place. This place with a beautiful ambience and relaxing fresh air will surely make you feel satisfied. You will surely feel good to see the green grass and people sharing their special moments in this place. The square is also perfect for outdoor activities like ball games, biking, playing with kids and a lot more.

Location/MapUnion & Powell, North Beach San Francisco, CA