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Mission District Mission District Photo by marcella_antonio pereira_guzman

Words like 'the best tourist destination in San Francisco', 'the Soul of San Francisco' and ‘the oldest San Fran neighborhood with the hottest new restaurants' portray just a tip of what 'The Mission' has to offer. Founded before San Francisco itself, The Mission was set up in 1776 as a basilica parish- the oldest surviving structure in San Fran can still be seen on 3321 Sixteenth street. This makes Mission Dolores a great first stopover in the predominantly Latin-American neighborhood.

There’s no saying you've been to the Mission without a taste of the best Tacos, right?

Home to the San Francisco Burrito- the Mission Burrito, the Soul of San Fran opens her doors to various taquerias that showcase the splendid Mexican food. Variety is evident with restaurant after restaurant offering Salvadorean, Guatemalan, Nicaraguan dishes on the menu. You can visit some of the best Taco restaurants in San Fran for the Best Tacos in the Mission such as El Gallo Giro on 23rd street and Treat avenue and Taqueria Vallarta at 3039 24th Street, Mission.

As you recover from the delicious food, you can get amazed by the various life size murals at the Precita Eyes Mural Art and Visitors center. At 2981 24th St. Mission, this art center was founded by artists who give personal guided walks of their art in the area - 24th Street is the art and culture nerve of the Mission. Also referred to as the heart-El Corazon, you will see a rich history of the traditional Latino culture.

The Twin peaks (breasts of the Indian maiden) are The Missions highest points at 1000ft- and maybe the highest of San fran's 43 hills. Grab your camera along a photo opportunity of sweeping views of San Fran and the bay.

Mission DoloresTo catch a view of the trendy side of The Mission, then head over to Potrero. Here you will find residences with stunning views of the San Francisco skyline, and possibly a great loft to rent.

The Dolores park invites all visitors of the Mission to a great time outdoors. You can have a quiet time with your family. Created over a century ago, the piece of 13.7 acres also offers various facilities such as tennis courts, soccer fields and conventional amenities like rest rooms.

You can also go shopping among the various mid-century furniture shops for something vintage, buy an old book from literary treasure houses that line the Mission, or visit an art shop and get an art piece from among the many on offer. The Mission has, after all, always been a tidy getaway for many artists and hipsters.

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