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Most crooked street in America Most crooked street in America Photo by Bernard Gagnon

California’s Crookest Street

Have you heard about the most crooked street in California? Well, this is Lombard Street that is in the heart of California. This is also renowned as the most crooked street in America. For you as a tourist, you should not miss this street when you have the opportunity to visit California to see some of the magnificent Victorian inspired mansions while driving the hilly and steep street which has a sharp curve then down switchback to the hill in one-way. This is not just a design in Lombard Street because it has also some benefits to the drivers to prevent rolling down the hill and get into an accident. Luckily, they had created this Byzantines curves to alleviate those steep and dangerous slopes. For you to understand how steep Lombard is, you will go up two more blocks to reach the Filbert Street and see the view of the street. You need to look closely downward the Filbert Street on its sides or edges to see the view.

A little History of Lombard Street

In the year of 1920, the home owners in Lombard Street suggested that having their streets crooked will make it as a safety measure when driving in the steep slopes. So this is done because of the need due to the severe and hazardous circumstances that the drivers are facing. The beautiful switchbacks are then done to add some aesthetic aura while deepening the safety of the drivers and car owners.

Today, Lombard Street is a part of the most luxurious real estates’ today. This is because of the neighborhood called the Russian Hill. They have these grand mansions that have a never-ending coming in and out tourists who takes pictures of it. When spring time has come, Lombard will have a stunning site because of the different flowers that blooms everywhere.

Location/MapLombard St and Hyde St, San Francisco, CA 94133, USA