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Fisherman’s Wharf

Fishermans Wharf Pier Port Shield Famous City Fishermans Wharf Pier Port Shield Famous City

It’s not surprising that Fisherman’s Wharf is one of the biggest attractions for the millions of visitors coming to San Francisco with its rich in history and culture. There are several historical attractions and the Wharf also offers some of the best cuisine in the world!

The boats berthed at the Wharf are mainly fishing boats. These boats are mostly captained by third or fourth generation fishermen of Fisherman’s Wharf. It’s because of this that the Wharf has been able to preserve much of its heritage. Many of the restaurants settled along the Wharf to maintain traditions started by those first fishermen.

You can’t really get much fresher seafood than seafood cooked as soon as it is unloaded from the boat. Crab season generally starts in November. Just as was done in the past, restaurants today will set their cauldrons out in anticipation of the fisherman’s return. Another tradition they continue is to pass out paper cups with crab meat in them to visitors. The restaurants of Fisherman’s Wharf can offer a unique flavor, using recipes passed down from generation to generation. These restaurants also offer fresh baked bread, locally made chocolates and international cuisine.

Fisherman’s Wharf offers a walking tour with 27 stops. These stops have signs providing information like historical sites, fishing strategies of today and tips on environmental protection. The Wharf is also one of the destinations for San Francisco’s famous cable cars. Another reason millions visit Fisherman’s Wharf is due to its vicinity near Alcatraz. Alcatraz can be seen from anywhere on the wharf and tours to Alcatraz can be purchase from the wharf.

Fisherman's WharfMany nature lovers will go to Pier 39 of Fisherman’s Wharf in order to watch the hundreds of sea lions that live there most of the year. Another form of entertainment to be found is provided by street performers during the day. In the evenings, visitors can expect live music, theater, dancing and many more fun activities.

The Wharf is full of culture, history and great food! There is so much to see and do that it would be easy to spend several exciting days at the Wharf in San Francisco. Just make sure to bring a big appetite!

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