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Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon Grand Canyon Photo by werner22brigitte via Flickr

The 15th oldest United States national park, the National Park of the Grand Canyon is located in Arizona and was named as an official, international Heritage Site by UNESCO in the year 1979.

Considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the main feature of the National Park of the Grand Canyon is the Grand Canyon which is known simply as being a gorge that is a part of the Colorado River. The national park is more than 1.2 million acres of land located in the Coconino and Mohave counties.

Though officially established on February 16, 1919, the National Park of the Grand Canyon was widely known for years. It is governed by the National Park Service. It is widely known for its magnificence and natural features of red and of colourful rocks which date back to Precambrian times.

It is headquartered at the Grand Canyon Village which is just south of the entrance of the park. This is a full-service community that caters to the needs of its visitors, complete with shops, lodgings, fuel and dining opportunities and well as hospitals, churches and a prevalence of rangers to ensure security.

The park is maintained and regulated by the National Park Serves and boats the north and south rims which are the primary public parts of the park. Besides the roadway connection of the north and south rims by the Navajo Bridge in Arizona, the other connections are through the Hoover Dam, Boulder City as well as Nevada.


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