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Tidal Basin

Tidal Basin Tidal Basin Photo by Ron Cogswell via Flickr

Tidal Basin is a man-made reservoir which was created close to the Potomac River in the 19th century. It was formed as a means to drain the Washington Channel after soaring tides and also to endow people with recreational space. On the south bank of the basin sits The Jefferson Memorial, built as a tribute in the name of the nation’s third president. On the western side sits the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial, built in the honor of Roosevelt who served almost 4 terms as the US President.

Tourists from all around the world are drawn to this place not only because of its scenic beauty but also to celebrate the arrival of spring. Especially during March-April, the cherry trees are in full bloom all across the lines of the basin. There are more than 3700 cherry trees planted here. Their types include Yoshino Cherry, Weeping Japanese Cherry, Akebono Cherry, Autumn Flowering Cherry and many more. No wonder, the place is a popular venue for celebrating the National Cherry Blossom Festival. Also, during this festive season, a number of programs like live concerts, lecture on trees and cultural performances are thoroughly enjoyed. That explains without doubt that one can always see the area swarming with visitors from everywhere.

That’s not all! During warm weather, tourists have more fun things to do than just appreciating the basin from afar. The place offers paddle boats on rent and that makes for a great idea to explore the wonderful sights of this place. At the same time, the shores can be a great picnic spot for families and friends or you can even choose to sit all by yourself and relax. Just sit, buy some snacks and drinks and you are all set to have a good time.

Furthermore, Tidal basin is also famous for the art exhibitions conducted in the memorials, waterfalls, shady trees and not to forget the bike tours. On the whole, Tidal basin is not only soothing for the eyes but is an opportunity to rejuvenate your minds too. Visiting this place is never a disappointment as the place has its own ways of making visitors feel close to nature.

Location/MapTidal Basin‎ Washington, DC 20024