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The National Mall

National Mall National Mall Photo by YoTuT via Flickr

Only a few regions in the world enjoy the repute of such distinction as the National Mall of Washington DC. It is actually a national park that constitutes the area between the Lincoln Memorial and the U.S. Capitol building. It is not only a great place for people visiting museums and national monuments, but also a great open space for gatherings and picnics.

The major attractions in and around the National Mall include The Washington Monument, The U.S Capitol Building, National Gallery of Art, U.S. Botanic Garden, The Supreme Court, The Newseum, The White House, National Archives, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum as well as ten of the Smithsonian museums (including the Natural History Museum), Smithsonian Gardens and national monuments erected in the memory of great American heroes and presidents. The most popular being the Lincoln Memorial and the Jefferson Memorial.

The national Park Service states that the National Mall is to be used for the purpose of civic arts and to work as Public Park for recreational activities for the people of DC. The whole area has been planted with American elm trees from the past 70 years.

The National Mall has served as the most preferred location for US Presidential inauguration ceremonies and protests. It is to be noted that Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous speech ‘I Have a Dream’ was delivered here. The historic Vietnam War Memorial Rally and the march against Iraq War were the most notable protests recorded in the mall premises.

National MallA number of annual events take place here. The most noteworthy in the recent times was the Earth Day celebration in April, 2012. Other than that ‘Jazz in the Garden series’ and the ‘Smithsonian Folklife Festival’ are also celebrated here. The ‘Screen on the Green’ film festival, the ‘Labor Day Capitol Concerts’ by the National Symphony Orchestra and the National Book festival are the other events that take place each year in the mall.

The national Mall area will be a paradise to anyone who wishes to get a glimpse of history, visual and performing arts, culture and the food of America. The mall offers you many great sites to visit and a retreat in the greens. Visiting the mall can certainly solve the vexed issue of exploring DC.


Hours: Open 24 hours a day. However Rangers are on duty to answer questions from 9:30 am to 11:30 pm daily.
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