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Georgetown Riverview Georgetown Riverview Photo by P. Morrissey via Flickr

Georgetown is a popular neighborhood situated on the Potomac River. It is a famous tourist destination mainly known for shops, restaurants & bars, cobblestone streets, waterfront harbor, Georgetown University, scenic boat rides and over 200 year old row houses. Washington DC’s most historical attractions can be found here, since the place is the oldest among other places in the U.S. Capitol. In fact, the place in itself is very distinct from the rest of DC. As a matter of fact, Georgetown is a well-liked area not only of the Washington but of the entire U.S. too.

The city has some of the most rewarding destinations in its bag with the Dumbarton Oaks, the Exorcist Steps, the C&O Canal, and Dahlgren Chapel Quad in the top list. The city being near the river has now become a major hub of maritime activities. Also, one always has an opportunity to experience the joys of boating on the Potomac River. Recently, Georgetown Waterfront Park was an addition to the city. It offers a nice shady place with flowering trees all around. It’s a great place to rest and relax whilst viewing the Potomac River.

Apart from these, the city has an array of restaurants. You can choose to eat from a wide variety of Mediterranean, American, Latin and French cuisines. Bars are also a great place to hang out and are best known for their nightlife. Whether you are in search of a romantic wine bar or some collegiate gathering place, the place has them all.

Shops at GeorgetownFurther, if you want to explore the city then avoid coming here in vehicles. The city can be best enjoyed on foot or you can even opt for a bicycle ride. For those who want to get some time out of the hectic city life, Georgetown is the ideal place to visit. Within a few minutes of entering the city, you will find yourself surrounded by green linear parks flanking the banks of the river. There are no signs of visual pollution and as you traverse the city, you will start feeling much closer to nature.

Even the fact that the city is not connected by a metro rail doesn’t stop tourists from coming here and being a part of this entirely different world. Although a bit expensive, Georgetown is in every inch a place that shouldn’t be missed in Washington, DC. The place is so mesmerizing that once you come here, it won’t be possible for you to leave any sooner.

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