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Pros and Cons of Using Short-Term Rentals For Your Next Vacation

Pros and Cons of Using Short-Term Rentals For Your Next Vacation - 5.0 out of 5 based on 4 votes
This was our Miami rental home. This was our Miami rental home. Photo taken by me.

Short-term vacation rentals are becoming more and more popular every year. Instead of the usual hotel being the number one choice for vacationers, many people are looking into renting a private home or a private room instead.

This change is being aided by the fact that more and more short-term vacation rental websites are popping up on the internet (Airbnb, VRBO, etc.), which is making it much easier for future vacationers to plan their trip.

I've stayed in a short-term vacation rental a few times now, and it's always been a great stay for us. We've used a short-term vacation rental when we went to Miami, Florida a few years ago, and we also rented a house when we traveled to Gulf Shores, Alabama last year.

Positives of staying in a short-term vacation rental.

You might have a kitchen included with your rental. If you like to cook some of your own meals, or maybe you want to save some money by cooking your meals, then many short-term rentals have kitchens for you to use. This is a big positive!

It may be cheaper overall. If you have several people with you, then a rental can be a great way to save money because there are probably multiple bedrooms. When we rented the beach house in Gulf Shores last year, the total expense was somewhere around $650 for 5 days, and it had 3 bedrooms. If we would have had people to stay in the other two bedrooms then the overall cost would have been much cheaper.

You may have a great host. With the last two short-term rentals that we used, we had amazing hosts to help us out. They checked in on us to make sure we were doing okay, and immediately helped us with any problems that we had. Your host may be able to tell you where the best local spots are, and I've even heard awesome stories where hosts have become great friends with their vacationers.

There's probably more room. If you are looking for more bang for your buck, then home stays usually provide that. There is usually more room than the normal 450 square foot hotel room, which is a great thing.

Negatives of staying in a short-term vacation rental.

There is no one to clean your room. This "negative" usually doesn't bother me because I don't usually make a room extremely dirty within just a few days. However, there are travelers out there who prefer to have their room cleaned each day. If this is you, you may be able to ask the owner to have your room cleaned, but you will probably have to pay an extra fee for hat.

There is no concierge. Since you most likely won't be at a hotel (some short-term rentals are in hotels though), there will be no concierge. If you usually ask the concierge for help with choosing restaurants, directions, planning activities, and so on, then you may not be in luck.

What you need to keep in mind next time you use a short-term vacation rental.

There are both positives and negatives of staying in a vacation rental as stated above. There are also plenty of other things that you need to keep in mind if you decide to use a short-term vacation rental for your next vacation:

  • Don't forget to consider the whole cost. If you are looking for something that is cheaper, then a home stay may not always be cheaper for you. You need to factor in taxes, cleaning fee, and everything else before you make your decision.
  • Always read reviews. Many vacation rental websites offer reviews for their rentals. Read these and do your research. You don't want a bad rental to ruin your vacation.


Have you ever used a short-term vacation rental for a trip of yours?

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