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Badlands National Park

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Badlands National Park Photo by iluvcocacola via Flickr

Badlands National Park is located in the state of South Dakota and contains over 240,000 acres of beautiful land. This national park has amazingly beautiful rock formations, fossil beds, canyons, prairies, wildlife, and more for you to see and enjoy.

What is there to do at Badlands National Park?

There are plenty of activities for you to do when visiting this national park. You can go camping, hiking (as described in the next paragraph), have a picnic, enjoy the beautiful views and scenery, enjoy the beautiful night sky (this is a must), and more.

You could go on any of the numerous day hikes. You could go on the Castle Trail, which is 10 miles long and it is the longest distance hiking trail in Badlands National Park. The Door Trail is where you can see and learn about all of the different rock formations. The Fossil Exhibit Trail shows you the different wildlife that used to live at the national park. There are also other trails such as the Medicine Loop Trail, Cliff Shelf Nature Trail, Notch Trail, Saddle Pass Trail and others.

What is the weather like when visiting Badlands National Park?

Badlands National Park has the normal four seasons in the United States.

In the Summer months, the weather is warm. April usually marks the start of nicer weather at this national park, but it can be wet because of all of the snow melting. Between the months of April to June, there are many rainy days. In the peak Summer months such as July and August, temperatures often reach somewhere between 90 degrees Fahrenheit and 100 degrees Fahrenheit, which means that it is hot, hot, hot during the Summer months.

In the Winter months, the weather is cold and can be freezing. The high temperature is usually somewhere around 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and the low temperature is usually somewhere around 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Snowstorms and blizzards are common in the Winter months at Badlands National Park.

Are there any required fees when visiting Badlands National Park?

To enter Badlands National Park you will need an entry pass. These are good for one year and cost $30. You can also buy a seven day pass if you are in a non-commercial car for $15. If you are walking, biking, or you take your motorcycle to Badlands National Park, you can buy a seven day pass for a little cheaper, at $10.

If you already have an annual National Park pass (these are $80 per year), then you are allowed to enter the national park without any additional fees needing to be paid.

What should I know about Badlands National Park before I make a visit?

Before you make a visit to this national park, there are a few things you should know to make your visit better. There are rules, but they are to protect the national park. You can still have a great time and this national park while following the rules.

  • There is only one paved road, so keep this in mind when you are visiting and deciding which car you will be arriving in.
  • If you see wildlife, please keep a safe distance from them as to protect their environment and to protect them as well.
  • You can bring your bike, but there are designated bike roads that you should be on. You are not allowed to bike on hiking trails or off the roads.
  • Make sure to bring enough water with you and sunscreen. Snacks are always a good idea as well.
  • You can bring your pets (such as your dog) and they are allowed in the parking areas, along the roads and in the camping areas. If you bring your dogs, they must be on their leash that is less than 6 feet long. You cannot bring your pets on any hiking trails or in the Badlands Wilderness Area as to protect the wildlife in the national park.
  • You are not allowed to dig in the national park or take fossils with you. Please keep everything as is so that everyone can enjoy it. If you do find anything of interest, you should contact someone who is employed at the national park.
  • Fires are not allowed at this national park due to safety reasons.

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