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Tidal Basin, Washington DC

Tidal Basin Tidal Basin Photo: MBisanz via Wikimedia

Are you planning to take a trip?  Do you want to go somewhere different from anywhere else you’ve ever been? Do you want to go someplace that is full of history?  Have you ever thought about taking a trip to the place where politics is king? Did you want to see the Smithsonian Museum or be able to see the famous White House?  Wondering what else Washington, DC has to offer? Have you ever heard of the Tidal Basin? Here is more information on why the Tidal Basin has to be a stop you make while taking a tour of Washington, DC.

What is the Tidal Basin:  Sometimes when a river or other body of water gets too much water in it and might flood, the water is released into an inlet.  Some inlets are natural while others are crafted by the hand of man. This is the case with the Tidal Basin; it is a man-made area that helps keep the Potomac River at a reasonable level. 

Features of the Tidal Basin:  The basin is known for just more than just a place for excess amounts of water.  There is a beautiful park located close to the basin called West Potomac Park.  There are cherry trees planted along the shore of the Tidal Basin, and every year people come from all over the country to see these beautiful trees bloom.  The cherry trees were a gift from the Mayor of Tokyo in 1912, and to commemorate the cherry trees being in bloom, there is a special festival every year called the National Cherry Blossom Festival

The home of a monument to Thomas Jefferson:  Another reason to go to the Tidal Basin is to see a white building with dome on top of it.  This building is the Jefferson Memorial that is dedicated to a great man who wrote the Declaration of Independence and is on the south shore of the basin.

Tidal Basin

Tidal Basin                                                                                           Photo: David B. Gleason


The memorial to Franklin Delano Roosevelt:  A new addition to the basin is the memorial dedicated to Franklin Roosevelt on the western shore.  Roosevelt was a man that served the most times as President of the United States.

Washington DC has a lot of attractions that bring people to this famous city every year.  If you want to visit an historical city that has a lot to offer, then your best bet would be to head to Washington in the District of Columbia. 

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