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Stone Mountain Park - Atlanta

Stone Mountain Park - Atlanta Photo by KyleAndMelissa22 via Wikimedia

If you are looking for exciting activities to do while in Atlanta on vacation than Stone Mountain Park is just the place for you and your family to visit. There are tons of fun and adventurous activities to do while visiting the Park. For example there are not only water parks and rides, but there are also amazing hiking trials and fun 3D movies to go to with the whole family.

Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta is great for adults and children of all ages and there is something for everyone to do and to really enjoy while on vacation in Atlanta. There are attractions like Geyser Tower which is a daring suspended rope bridge that overlooks a geyser. SkyHike is the perfect activity for the active family that likes to get out and hike, in SkyHike you get to trek through the treetops and there are several different hikes to choose from just in case you feel like going for more than one hike. At Camp Highland Outpost there are crazy outdoor challenges for you and your kids to enjoy like rock climbing and rope courses as well as zip lines!

If you are looking for something just as exciting but maybe with less activity there are fun skyrides that take you up to more than 825 feet above ground level to the very top of Stone Mountain where there is a breathtaking view of the Appalachian Mountains. There is also a scenic railroad ride that takes you and your family around so that you can see all of the beautiful landscapes that the Park has to offer. You can also visit an antebellum plantation and farmyard that represent some of the most fantastic architecture from that time period. There are also museums to visit and fun mini golf courses.

Stone Mountain LasershowEven though there are tons of attractions to see there are also amazing shows to see. The laser show is bound to get some ahs out of your families and the Butterfly adventures exhibit and habitat is a great place for your kids and you to play with the butterflies and to see them in all the stages from caterpillars to butterflies. At Christmas time there are countless funny and silly Christmas shows that your family can attend and they are going to get laughs from all of the members of your family no matter their ages.

There are also gulf courses and hiking trails as well as picnic areas to enjoy while in the park. These are great for mom and dad when they are looking to take a little time off to enjoy the park as well.

Stone Mountain Park is a beautiful park that has tons of activities for the whole family to enjoy. There are exciting rides and hikes to go one like hiking through the treetops or walking across a rope bridge to stand next to a geyser. There are also amazing shows to attend that are perfect for the whole family. If you are looking for vacation ideas when visiting Atlanta than Stone Mountain Park is the place for you!


Address/Map:  Stone Mountain, Georgia 30087
Phone: (770) 498-5690
Website: Plan your visit to Stone Mountain Park
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